The technical break.

Need to take a break for awhile and go for a gambling in New Zealand… I caught a small back injury, during the spring couloir shredding. I did all the necessary medical tests and I’m ok right now, but I think that I need a few days off before I will grab my skis once again. So it’s perfect time to chill and think a bit in different way… 😉 DSC01702m miamivice finmDSC07984aamDSC01479amDSC01424mphoto


Let’s get it started – The Wolf Trail Squad

After two shity seasons (broken leg & poor winter), finally  got an opportunity to catch some small action with a completely new squad (me, Paweł Palichleb and Piotr Kabat).
It was all about feeling hungry :) We  just wanted to eat some POW and getting pleasure from catching some raw shots…

After first trip we decided to continue the project and name it as „Wilczy Szlak Skład” (The Wolf Trail Squad).
Here are some shots form „behind the scene”… Video is  in progress, stay tuned.
Location: Kaltenbach / Zillertal Arena (Zillertal Valley) #tirol
Photos: tommysuperstar.com